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Product description

Nankang NS-2

  • Two central circumferential grooves design can efficiently direct water away and enhance superior wet handling.
  • Computer simulated V-shaped drainage sub-grooves increase resistance to hydroplaning at high speed running through deep water.
  • Two-in-one pitches and variable width tread profile help to reduce pattern noise and provide a quieter comfort ride.
  • Shoulder edge sipes ensure even and prolonged tread wear.

EU Tyre Label Description

Nankang NS-2 225/45R17 94V FR XL
E C 71dB C1

In November 2012 a standard label for vehicle tyres was introduced in the EU. Based on three criteria it gives information about fuel efficiency, wet grip rating and noise levels.


Fuel efficiency  - This label shows you how a tyre performs on fuel consumption - fuel efficiency is graded from A to G (rating D is not used for passenger cars). The difference between an A rating and a G rating could mean a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 7.5%. To put this in real terms, choosing A-rated tyres instead of G-rated tyres could save you more than 6 litres of fuel every 1,000 kilometres (based on an average consumption of 8 litres/100km)

  Wet grip - This label shows how well a tyre brakes in wet conditions. Graded from A to G (ratings D and G are not used for passenger cars). In an emergency situation, a few metres can make all the difference. For a passenger car applying full brakes from 50mph, a set of A-rated tyres will brake up to 18 metres shorter than a set of F-rated tyres (braking distances may vary according to driving conditions and other influencing factors)


Noise - This label shows you the noise level in decibels of a tyre. The tyre is categorised in 3 classes illustrated by 3 waves: 1 black wave - Quiet (3dB or more below the European limit), 2 black waves - Moderate (between the European limit and 3dB below) and 3 black waves - Noisy (above the European limit)



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